The Dream Is

  Free, But the hustle

 Is sold separately

            The dream is free

                thehustle is 

              sold separately

You've Thought About It Long Enough!

People come up with ideas every single day that could change their lives, only to give up!

My job is to make sure you put action behind that vision and bring it into fruition.

Strategy & Planning Goes A Long Way, stop winging it and fight for your vision!

There's nothing about "them" that you don't already have, you just need guidance.

Social Media Strategy | TOP 3 Platforms For Selling Products Online
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The 10 Steps You Must Take To Build A Great Business in 2021
The 4 Things You Must Do To Build A Great Business in 2021 Starting a business can be one of...
Online Course Creation and Product Launch
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FAITH                       WITHOUT WORKS                   IS DEAD


For $40 a month get full access to tutorials, worksheets, quizzes, a chat community for support, detailed walk through videos, assignments to test your knowledge. Weekly Live Chats. Private Community. Branding, Content Planning, Marketing, Email Marketing & Digital Ads (Facebook & YouTube)





nO MAN IS AN ISLAND AND IN BUSINESS, YOU GET FURTHER WITH A TEAM! judge free zone full of hungry entrepreneurs ready to inspire, encourage & uplift.

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Not sure where to start?
Start with the free business resources. These offer the first 3
strategies to build your business online!

Get an outline for creating your business plan, branding & target audience strategies.  First rules in business are know what your brand stands for and WHO you are selling to!

top 10 sales conversion killers

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In this course you will learn the following:

  • Why Knowing Your Audience Is Important
  • What a target audience is
  • How to identify the best audience for your brand
  • What matters to your target audience and what doesn't
  • How to use your target audience needs to better connect with them a build brand loyalty
  • How to use your target audience within your branding and marketing strategies
  • and more.......

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If you Can't identify who you are selling to

and what they need & want from a business like yours, how can you make sales?


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If you can't sell to 100 followers how can you sell to 10K ? Use IG Like A CEO Not An Influencer!



  • IG Bio Basics
  • Instagram Insights For Creating Ads
  • How People Are Searching for Or Finding You
  • The Real Power Of Hashtags
  • The Hashtags you should REALLY be using
  • How To Find New Customers/ Clients
  • DM's For Promotions / Relationships
  • Daily Bread / Getting Your Business In Front Of The Right People
  • Why Content Matters More Than Followers & Comments
  • Why Your Content Is Not Helping You Make More Money
  • How To Create Better Content
  • Branding Yourself Online
  • Apps You Should Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy
  • Engaging With Your Audience
  • Getting The Sell
  • How IG Lives Help With Sells
  • Building Your Next Campaign


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30 Email Marketing Templates | Just Copy & Paste

You finally have customers signed up for your email list.

But what do you do next? What should you say inside of your emails to keep your list engaged and your brand at the top of their minds concerning the products or services that you offer?

You sit staring at your laptop screen, starting and stopping, typing and deleting and for some reason, nothing seems good enough right?

Writer's block happens to everyone, and more than likely no one told you that as a business owner that you would have to get creative with selling products, keeping your audience's attention by writing EMAILS!!


This guide is organized by grouping together emails based on what they will help you accomplish concerning your email list.


  • Understand & know exactly what makes a good email
  • When to use a specific email & what it is for
  • Sales emails
  • Welcome emails
  • Nurture / engagement emails
  • Newsletters
  • Motivation/ Branding emails

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40+ Wholesale Raw & Virgin Hair Vendors List - Sow The Seed and Harvest LLC

Wholesale vendor list. Included all hair companies I have personal used for my hair company as well as my coaching clients.


  1. Burmese
  2. Filipino
  3. Chinese
  4. Cambodian
  5. Indian
  6. Indonesian 
  7. Malaysian
  8. Raw/Virgin hair.

Questions you should address prior to purchasing from ANY buyer and to keep in mind as a business owner  👇🏽👇🏽 

Also includes the following:

  1. private label products
  2. hot tools
  3. hair color
  4. micro-link tools for salon clients & more.


If you have questions or concerns prior to purchasing, feel free to contact us!


Examples of our vendor list extensions can be found on my YouTube channel:


Come join me online, become a part of the #harvesters family


Instagram @sowtheseed_

YouTube : Sow The Seed



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30 Day Relationship Building Content Planner - Sow The Seed and Harvest LLC

This planner takes you step by step on how to approach branding, marketing and advertising on your Instagram pages. 

What you get:

  • what to post daily
  • how to use IG to bring in sales
  • how to engage with your audience
  • how to increase your "like, know & trust ability to increase sales
  • how to take pictures on a budget and limited time
  • how to schedule your post
  • how to build a theme for your page
  • how to monetize your page

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what our clients say


My 3 YouTube Channels Are : Glams Corner (beauty) Sow The Seed (business) & The Feminine Alchemist (spiritual)