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The 4 Things You Must Do To Build A Great Business in 2021 Starting a business can be one of the most exciting yet challenge things you'll probably ever do. Although it may appear to be a daunting task, it is actually more simpler than you may think. The truth is the hardest part for most startup entrepreneurs is discipline to keep going in the beginning stages of starting a business online or a physical location and then being consistent throughout the business building process.   So in order to break down the process of starting a business, I'll break...

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As a business coach, I completely understand saying you want to do something and then actually doing it. To create your own course you only need to select your course topic, based off of information you already know. Which means you are already an expert! Learn how to pick a topic, break it down into sections and plan out your content in less than 30 days. Next you should pick a course platform, I have used Teachable in the past, as well as my own website to host my online courses and am currently using Thinkific. Overall they are similar except for...

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