Online Course Creation and Product Launch

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Online Course Creation and Product Launch

As a business coach, I completely understand saying you want to do something and then actually doing it. To create your own course you only need to select your course topic, based off of information you already know. Which means you are already an expert! Learn how to pick a topic, break it down into sections and plan out your content in less than 30 days.

Next you should pick a course platform, I have used Teachable in the past, as well as my own website to host my online courses and am currently using Thinkific.

Overall they are similar except for when using my own website I have control over the set up of the course. 

The next step is for you to learn how to forecast your income in order to meet your financial goals once you know exactly what metrics you need to meet to product the result you desire financially you're better equipped to create ads to get potential students to your online course, even if you are new to teaching online and have recently made your course from scratch. Therefore, the last and one of the most important parts of creating your online course from scratch is understanding how to create the right ads using social media to bring in the right traffic to your online course.

Steps to creating an online course from scratch:

1. choice a unique topic (YouTube is evident that there are always people looking for any and every subject you can think of, so you can create a course from scratch and us YouTube as a guide to see what people are searching for. So if you think it's over saturated,  there are still people who are willing to pay for the knowledge you already have. I had my own experience in this as a hairstylist who was doing "how to" or tutorial hair styling videos on YouTube, in which I was able to travel to teach some of those same techniques in more detail for 3 years before I became a full time business coach! There is no one like you, how you share is what makes you different and people choose who they like to learn from and that makes you valuable!

2. Now that you have picked a unique topic of choice, or your niche audience. You want to create an outline of all of the things people should know when looking to learn about the course topic you will be sharing. Create an outline of that course and place each different part of your course from scratch into "chapters" Think about a recipe to make a cake. Each ingredient is a different chapter, and in those chapters you want to give as much detail as possible. I have an online course to help your sort out your thoughts if this is where you are finding the most trouble with creating your course in record time. I offer a simple formula that is easy you could create your course in less than 30 days.

3. Now you want to use your "ingredients" to start recording for your online course

4. Pick your favorite platform to host your online course: Here's a list  of platforms that you can use to host your online course, with a little detail of each


  • Thinkific
  • Offer a free version! Starts at $49 mth.  If you want more course sales from the start, this plan gives you the ability to create unlimited courses. It also features memberships and bundles, advanced pricing options, landing pages, certificates, and marketing tools.
  •  Teachable
  • Perfect for beginners. There may be a slight learning curve but they offer tutorials as well free courses that you can use to help you start right away! You can decide to use the online course platform for free (with $1 + $0.10 for all transactions) . I started free my first round and quickly upgrade for the perks. Or you can select one of their three plans ranging from $29/month to $299/month.
  •  Podia
  • This platform allows for you to create, host, and sell your lessons with one easy-to-use platform. There are no transaction fees, and a simple three-step process has your course website up in no time. This platform is great for digital downloads as well as hosting webinars. There are no transaction fees, and a simple three-step process has your course website up in no time.
  • Kajabi
  • Kajabi is for the professional. So I would personally say start on one of the platforms above first and as you grow your student base and have become comfortable with using those platforms you can always upgrade to Kajabi later! This platform starts at $119 a month. It  is a high-powered course builder for in-depth courses. It features powerful course site themes, robust email marketing automation, upsells and digital products, a customizable checkout, and blogging functionality.
  • Learndash
  • This is an online course platform that integrates with WordPress. Starts of at $13,25 a mth. You can build a great online course and match your content with an email drip schedule to send lessons according to a program.
  • Learnworld
  • One of the best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your online courses. Start monetizing your skills, experiences and your audience. Offers interactive learning experience with questionnaires, tests, and engaging elements and starts at $24 a mth. 
  • WizIQ
  • Offers teachers and educators an easy way to set up virtual classrooms for live interactive online classes. Starts at $27 a mth. They provide the latest tools for live training such as discussion boards, video streaming, mobile options, assessments, and analytics.

As I end this blog, I would suggest that you start advertising your class while you are in the process of setting up, so that you can already have people in line to take your online course. You would do this through marketing and advertising on social media, get people to sign up through an email subscription list where you offer it at a discounted price for a limited time. By doing so, you will already have evidence that people are willing and ready to take your online course prior to it being available. Then, just like the likes of some bigger names such as Danielle Leslie, you can have a huge launch date turn out and make thousands of dollars in record time.

Pricing will have a huge effect on who pays for your course as well, so be sure to understand who your target audience is prior to advertising. i have a free eBook on building your business plan and understanding the basics of who your business is for that can help you plan out who you are reaching and how to reach them. Be sure to go where they are as far as where your ads will be displayed.

Happy creating!

-Sow The Seed Harvester

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