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The hardest thing about starting a business with no money and being successful is all about how much work are you willing to put in and what are you willing to sacrifice!

Hello, welcome to Sow The Seed, my name is Chanda, but many call me Glam from my YouTube beauty channel  . Either is ok, but welcome family!

I am a certified business and life coach who focuses on helping millennials, overcome doubts and fears, eliminate self defeating belief systems and create a strategy for business, life or both, in which they are able to live out their vision for life.

Being successful is all about strategy and before starting any journey your mindset is the first thing that stands in your way. That's right, it's not about how much money you currently have, the amount of people who believe in or support you and it's not even about where you are currently located.

All 3 of those things were what I used to think too. Being a teen mom, high school drop out having no set of skills, I set out to change my life, in which I always had a desire to start my own business. I had the knowledge but what I didn't have was belief in my own abilities. Before I could ever be successful I had to believe it was possible!.

I started while feeling how you may feel... NO MONEY, NO SUPPORT & NO ONE believing that it was possible around me. It took me a year from the moment I said I wanted my own business out loud to get to the point of believing it was possible, and once I believed it was possible things started to change.

It may sound cliché but it is the truth! AS A MAN THINKETH IN HIS HEART, SO IS HE. If you can remember that one thing and apply it to your life, things will change!  I went from broke to a 7 figure business as a hairstylist in Winston Salem, North Carolina, eventually moving to Charlotte. NC!

It took me from broke to having my own salons (3), traveling to teach classes for other hair stylist, becoming a business coach (now a life coach too), creating a hair care product line , selling raw hair & virgin hair (wholesale and retail ), making custom lace wigs (sold $10K per week)  and so much more. Now my goal is to help others who may be where I once was to do the same.....if only you can change your mindset, be willing to do the hard work... it is all possible

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Welcome to the family #harvester