Coaching Community

Our coaching community is a membership based platform for group life and business coaching. Regardless of what anyone tells you the most power thing you have on your side and the one thing that stands in most of our way is OUR MINDS! Before you can ever live your dream life, you have to believe you can and you must remove in false belief systems you have accumulated over the years....maybe you tried before and it didn't work, you've taken classes but you seen no change, you've paid for coaches but didn't see the growth..... you must remove those beliefs that nothing will ever work for you in order to benefit from any information you receive.


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What is covered in the group and what will you learn?

*Creating A Business and choosing a product or service

*Registering Your Business, banking, federal, state

*How To Create A Business Plan (must complete first)

* How To Create A Brand (must complete first)

* Understanding Your Business Purpose (must complete first)

* Understanding Your Target Audience (must complete first)

* Email Marketing

* Content Marketing / what type of content to create for your business

* Choosing The Best Platforms for your Business

* Automating Your Business to make money in your sleep

* Social Media Marketing the RIGHT way

* Creating Social Ads That Covert while spending less money

* and more

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Group based, slower paced than one on one coaching. Beginner friendly. If you already have a business and need more specified assistance please consider a one on one coaching session or email us with your questions so that we can assist you with making an informed decision on what would work best for you!