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We made it through 2020, but not without our own share of bumps and bruises, especially in the department of finances and feeling comfortable or confident of how we can maintain financial security during hard times.

One lesson we all had to experience during the lock down due to the Covid-19 pandemic was to take having additional streams of income or a savings account for emergencies such as the entire year of 2020. 

if you've decided that you either want to try your hand in building a business for yourself, full time or maybe a side hustle to bring in additional income, You're in the right spot! Stay up to date on the latest social media trends, how you can use them in your small business as an entrepreneur to expand and make money online. Join me on my YouTube channel Sow The Seed or sign up for free business resources that includes, mini courses, worksheets, quizzes, eBooks and a free Entrepreneur's club chat community to socialize with other small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs! No email list obligation!



  How To Start A Profitable Business With No Money selling Digital products. Are you ready to start a business? Starting with little to no money? Did you know that you can take your knowledge and turn it into digital products such as online courses or eBooks in any business industry? If you're tired of trying to come up with business ideas or wondering how to start a business online, home based business, why not try digital products? Digital products is one of the most profitable niches to start an online business You can start a digital product business with little or no money. It's an easier way to start making money online doing something you already love and know. So if you were looking for new business ideas for 2021, think about digital products and online courses. You can create your own digital products using Canva for FREE ! The all you need is a website, such as Shopify that offers a free 14 day trial. If you create an amazing marketing strategy for social media you can make the cost of the that website back with only 1 sale!

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 New Instagram Feature | Instagram Guides & How To Use Them For Branding. Instagram Guides is the latest feature to get excited about, and for entrepreneurs, brands and small businesses, I find this feature to be super dope to help your target audience get directly to what they REALLY want. Instagram Guides makes it easy to curate important content for your audience. You can put together a list of recommended places, products, or posts that take the form of a mini blog directly on your Instagram. You can literally categorize your Instagram business page and it helps you to stay organize with your marketing strategy. This video offers a step by step guide on how to use Instagram guides! #Instagram #socialmedia #marketing




 In this videos I share MY PERSONAL 10 best free apps for small biz owners like myself that are going to help you get more done while living the entrepreneur life. You can use these social media apps to create post for Instagram, Facebook, Create YouTube Banners & Thumbnails, Create Flyers, Business Logos, Graphic design for your website and more

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 Wix Tutorial For Beginners | Create A Website With Wix |

Start A Business Start To FINISH

Create a free website with Wix.com. Choose a stunning template and customize anything with the Wix website builder, you dont even have to be a graphic designer ! The Wix platform is so simple to use, and it is pretty much already designed for you with their many customizable templates all you have to do is change pictures, colors and text! This video is a step by step guide on how to create your own website for free using Wix and best of all it is beginner friendly ! Budget Friendly | How To Use Wix Website Builder To Start A Business Wix Tutorial For Beginners | Create A Website With Wix | Start A Business #Wix #website #graphicdesign, Coming soon, how to set up your shopify website!




 Can you REALLY start a business without money? This is a question that I hear often, and the answer is actually yes. You can start a business without money, but what parts of the business offers that opportunity? Also if you start a serviced based business, depending on the type...you really don't need money to start!! #entrepreneurlife #businesstips #entrepreneuradvice




Starting A Hair Extensions Business | Wholesale Hair Vendors On Instagram. This is a how to tutorial on how to find raw hair wholesale and virgin hair wholesale vendors by using Instagram. Tips are offered on what to look for when choosing a wholesale vendor for starting your hair company to keep you on track with becoming an entrepreneur ! How to tell if it's quality hair, the type of hair extensions being sold and questions you should ask wholesale virgin hair vendors before buying and how to research vendors on Instagram.

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