Get answers to all of our most popular questions!

How are items shipped? All items are immediately available for download as digital products and do not require additional waiting times for shipments. 

How do I book a consultation on one on one coaching?

Click on the "coaching" tab at the top of the home menu or navigation menu.


How do I become a member for discounted monthly group coaching?

Click the Patreon tab on the home menu or navigation menu. One on one coaching is available by visiting the coaching page on our website.


Are there refunds or exchanges allowed for online courses?

Unfortunately we do not allow students to exchange classes or grant refunds once a course has been paid for.


Are there refunds for digital products?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the product and how they are received, there are no refunds or exchanges for digital products. You are asked to agree to terms prior to check out and fraud filters are used to monitor purchases.


How long do we have access to online courses?

Once a course is paid for you are granted life-time access to all paid courses!


When are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday from 9am - 4pm EST. We are closed on all major holidays. Times and dates are subject to change.