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Being an entrepreneur can be stressful. There is so much information out there and sometimes it can be difficult to choose what you should be focusing on to start on your business, launch your business or get your business to grow.



Who should you be listening to?

Who has the best advice that would actually benefit your business?

You've taken courses and webinars or downloaded eBooks, but you still feel stuck and confused about running your business and the ultimate goal is making the sell right?

The internet has such a vast amount of information that by a click of a button we can get information on just about anything...but how much of that information actually helps us, instead of giving us more information that confuses us even more than before. More than likely you may be wondering if you should take an online course, download an eBook or join a Masterclass.


Here's a couple of tips, if you are not yet sure of what you need:

  1.  eBooks are best for foundation building information. This means at a basic level, which we all need before we can completely comprehend the more difficult and task consuming parts, we acquire information that help us to understand what we should do next. Hint: this is why there is Algebra I & II because we need the first part to understand the second part. Get eBooks, if you know you are not certain of what to do and need a basic understanding, because jumping into the deep end without actually knowing how to swim would only put you into more trouble
  2.  Courses are for deep diving , step by step guidance, they piggyback off of what you have probably already learned in eBooks. Course are normally longer, requires for you to take more action, but SHOWS you how to do it, while eBooks TELLS you how to do it.
  3.  Masterclasses are for when you have decided that you are 100% dedicated to putting in action and learning all of the information at one go and you prefer to have someone there to help walk you through each step.  Think about Masterclasses like going to college. You start from the first year (eBooks), move into your second year (mini course), as you get into your third year, now you are more comfortable, you may be ready to move off campus and get an apartment, you have matured ( full individual courses ). Masterclass is combining everything you learn at all of the previous stages in one session, you are tested, you have to put action into each section on a weekly basis, apply what you've learned while someone is guiding you through each step, as well as graduating! You aren't left to do everything on your own. You have someone to ask questions to if you don't understand something. You don't want to tip toe through the process, you understand what you need to do & you are ready to put it into action. This would also include membership as well.

If you have graduated from the eBook stage and are looking for more in-dept information about starting, launching, growing or maintaining your business, sign up for my online courses by clicking the link below:



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