Brands Will Make Them Dance - Online Course

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This course will walk you through each step to building your product, service or personal brand, so that your business can finally stand out against your competitors!


  • What type of brand you have & how to promote it
  • How to create an outline to convey your brands purpose.
  • How to successful promote a personal brand
  • How to incorporate your product or service into your branding strategy
  • The true role of picture content in your branding strategy.
  • Why video content is so important to your branding strategy and how to create better video content.
  • How to connect to your target audience through storytelling.
  • Developing your brand position/ value proposition
  • How to apply all aspects of branding into your marketing strategy and formulate a proven system for brand recognition & growth.


If you have any questions do comment under each section and I am happy to respond and offer you more assistance!

To prevent overwhelm of information each module within the course is released once a week. Accountability assignments are listed within detail sections of the course.

You can also earn points as you complete each course to get free courses, prizes or a one on one consultation with me!