Bullseye! Hitting The Target with Your Audience Online Course

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What is a target market? It is the portion of a specific audience that you aim for when presenting your products and services to the public. These are the groups of people who you have identified to be in need of your offer. 

If you can't properly identify them, your business fails at marketing, email building as well as creating digital ads online.  

The truth is, if you sell to everyone, you actually sell to no one. Majority of new entrepreneurs only consider the basics of what their audience wants and needs from their business. Simple things, I've heard from my coaching clients are , I sell luxury product ....

Consider that response with hair...okay you sell a luxury product and what? Are there others who do the same thing? How does that help your customers, especially since there are 1,000's of people who offer the same thing? Do you even know or are you assuming and making guesses?

Successful businesses, unfortunately can't succeed on guessing. They become successful because they truly understand who their audience is and what they expect from their businesses, which in return help them to create strategies that give them RESULTS!

That means, if you only know the basics.....you get basic results. Views, likes, comments, subscribers, visitors to your website, but ultimately NO SALES...and you did start a business to make money right?

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Why Knowing Your Audience Is Important
  • What a target audience is
  • How to identify the best audience for your brand
  • What matters to your target audience and what doesn't
  • How to use your target audience needs to better connect with them a build brand loyalty
  • How to use your target audience within your branding and marketing strategies
  • and more.......

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