Basics to Boss - Creating Instagram & Facebook Ads

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Creating successful Instagram and Facebook ads are all about strategy. If you have created a business plan that includes the 7 strategies to be successful in business you are ready to get into advertising online that will help push conversion rates through the roof!

In this eBook I cover the following concerning Instagram & Facebook Ads:

  • Trusting in your product or service
  • How to find Influencers to promote your business
  • Creating An Influencer Contract To Promote Your Products Or Services
  • Setting up your IG and FB pages
  • Using IG & FB Insights To Measure Success Rates
  • How To Research Your Competition
  • Creating The Right Audience To Reach
  • How Much You Should Spend On Ads As A Beginner
  • Reaching The Right Audience
  • How To Test Your Ads Success Rate
  • Learn The Biggest Contributors To Ad Conversion Success