Instagram For Business - Hashtag Rehab Online Course

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Hashtags are what keywords are to the Google search engine. It's not just about what's cool, popular or what may work. It's as if you are planning out your SEO, search engine meaning the IG platform for your business so that your page gets not just in front of people, but the RIGHT people.

Sure using a celebrity as a tag may get you on a specific page, but then what? If they find you are those people even in your target audience? Do they want what you have to offer?

Ultimately hashtagging requires for you as a business owner to do a little research. if you do it the right way, it's like your website showing up on the first page when potential customers type in a specific word and find your business..... you want to be on that page!



  • How to create a simple formula for your business that leads to sales conversion
  • How to create a content strategy that turns your audience into buyers
  • Learn how to promote a new or existing product or service
  • Bring brand awareness to your business, products or services
  • Get your audience to take notice and trust your business
  • Learn how to market ANY product regardless of industry (hair extensions, nails, makeup, service based, digital products, skin care, clothing, accessories or shoes).
  • Tips and tricks all successful businesses use to convert buyers
  • Email marketing with email scripts
  • Automatic posting to create a stress free work flow
  • Website prep for your sales event


If you have any questions do comment under each section and I am happy to respond and offer you more assistance!

To prevent overwhelm of information each module within the course is released once a week. Accountability assignments are listed within detail sections of the course.

You can also earn points as you complete each course to get free courses, prizes or a one on one consultation with me!