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Using Instagram for your small business as a #solopreneur is NEVER just about uploading pictures and videos that entice your target audience....

Instagram as well as other social media platforms are only meant to serve as a channel in which you use to connect with your target audience to lead them towards the desires that they want from your business. There is a psychology to being a great seller as a business owner, branding yourself, as well as reaching the right people ho already want what you have to offer.... which is your end goal, right?


This course was created for aspiring or new entrepreneurs who know that something is missing in their business, but are not quite sure what they're doing wrong especially concerning using Instagram to grow their brands.

So if somewhere deep down, you know something is missing, you've been consistent with posting pictures and videos, you use a group of hashtags, you use sassy captions but you are growing frustrated with trying to grow your business through Instagram, my InstaGratification course will walk you through step by step of every aspect of using Instagram for your business!

2 Hour course with techniques and tips that you can start using Immediately !
In this course you will learn the following:

  • IG Bio Basics
  • Instagram Insights For Creating Ads
  • How People Are Searching for Or Finding You
  • The Real Power Of Hashtags
  • The Hashtags you should REALLY be using
  • How To Find New Customers/ Clients
  • DM's For Promotions / Relationships
  • Daily Bread / Getting Your Business In Front Of The Right People
  • Why Content Matters More Than Followers & Comments
  • Why Your Content Is Not Helping You Make More Money
  • How To Create Better Content
  • Branding Yourself Online
  • Apps You Should Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy
  • Engaging With Your Audience
  • Getting The Sell
  • How IG Lives Help With Sells
  • Building Your Next Campaign




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