Master Instagram For Business - InstaGratification Online Course

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If you can't sell to 10 people, you wont be able to sell to 10,000. It's not about how many followers you have. It's about if you know how to make the sale!

There are people who have the same amount of followers as you who are making sales every day on IG and there are people with 100K plus followers who aren't making anything.

So what's the secret? The secret is using IG as a business owner versus using IG as an influencer. Test yourself! Are you just uploading pictures and videos and expecting for your sales to go through the roof? Well influencers upload pretty pictures and videos too, the goal is to get the like, while your goal is to get the sale, am I right?

This course is perfect for you if you want to know how to get the sale, although you appreciate the likes too!

This course was created for anyone who uses Instagram in their business marketing strategy. 


  • IG Bio Basics
  • Instagram Insights For Creating Ads
  • How People Are Searching for Or Finding You
  • The Real Power Of Hashtags
  • The Hashtags you should REALLY be using
  • How To Find New Customers/ Clients
  • DM's For Promotions / Relationships
  • Daily Bread / Getting Your Business In Front Of The Right People
  • Why Content Matters More Than Followers & Comments
  • Why Your Content Is Not Helping You Make More Money
  • How To Create Better Content
  • Branding Yourself Online
  • Apps You Should Incorporate Into Your Marketing Strategy
  • Engaging With Your Audience
  • Getting The Sell
  • How IG Lives Help With Sells
  • Building Your Next Campaign


Thank you for signing up for the InstaGratification course. In this course you will gain knowledge on how to incorporate Instagram into your marketing strategy to gain new customers and clients, increase sales volumes, build brand recognition, how to better stand out against your industry competitors and build long lasting relationships for brand loyalty. If you have any questions do comment under each section and I am happy to respond and offer you more assistance!

To prevent overwhelm of information each module within the course is released once a week. Accountability assignments are listed within detail sections of the course.

You can also earn points as you complete each course to get free courses, prizes or a one on one consultation with me!